Pink, Green, & Utterly Organized | Dorm Ditto #2

(The above dorm is an image that I found on Photobucket...
so unfortunately I do not know how to properly credit the source.
From digging around on the internet, however, I believe that it
originates from The Container Store. If anyone knows anything
different, feel free to let me know so I can cite the photo properly.)

Color & Pattern: This dorm sticks to a two color scheme of pink and green with white accents. One roommate's bed and desk are done in pink, while the other roommate's stuff is green. This is a simple design to distinguish separate spaces in the dorm room. All patterns in the room are kept to a minimum, making the space straightforward and uncluttered by prints.

Storage: This room has no shortage of storage solutions! (Which is probably due to the fact that it was outfitted in its near entirety by The Container Store.) There's a place for everything to be stowed away... and it all centers around the desk area. Check out all of those magazine files, boxes, and desktop accessories! Plus it's all so pretty! The plastic chests of drawers and under-the-bed boxes also add hiding space for things such as shoes, towels, and cleaning products. The steel trunk is also a great piece; it doubles as storage and a coffee table.

Seating: The students kept the chairs provided by the dorm. (Most likely because dorm furniture often must stay in the dorm... school rules.) But the two modern white chairs add extra seating for the roommates themselves or visiting friends. Oh, and notice that steal trunk again. Yes, it doubles as storage and a coffee table... but can also act as a bit of extra seating if needed.

Decor: There aren't a lot of personal touches in this room. There are some flower decals on the wall over the lofted bed. And some nifty metal picture-holders on the desks offer a place to display favorite photographs. In my personal opinion, the room could use a patterned rug and some pretty throw pillows.

Here's how to recreate this functional, splendidly organized space:

1. Green Down Alternative Comforter from Walmart.
2. Pink Down Alternative Comforter from Walmart.
3. White Oh! Chair by Karim Rashid for Umbra from The Container Store.
4. White Storage Boxes from The Container Store.
5. Underbed Box from The Container Store.
6. Semikolon Multi-Media Box from The Container Store.
7. Bulletin & Magnetic Strip by Umbra from The Container Store.
8. Textured Steel Trunks from The Container Store.
9. White XL Magazine File from The Container Store.
10. Desktop FotoFalls Display Stand by Umbra from The Container Store.
11. Posy Desktop Photo & Memo Holder by Umbra from The Container Store.
12. Mobile Slim Tower from The Container Store.
13. Semikolon Spiral Notebook from The Container Store.
14. Semikolon Document Box from The Container Store.
15. Semikolon Desktop File from The Container Store.
16. Punctuate Desktop Accessories from The Container Store.

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