The Boyfriend Cardigan


For me, cardigans are wardrobe staple. I especially like the "boyfriend cardigan" and wear my navy blue one all the time with so many different things. The cardigan featured above is the V-Neck LS Boyfriend Cardigan from Forever21. What's so great about cardigans? They're cheap. They come in a variety of colors. They're comfortable. And most importantly for a college gal... they're oh-so-versatile!

Here's how a boyfriend cardigan can serve your needs and enhance your outfit five days a week. (Now, I don't suggest you wear a single piece of clothing for seven days straight... but this just goes to show that the cardigan can work in so many different settings.)


Haven't these button-down sweaters come a long way since the days of June Cleaver? ;)



Seanna aka LoneStarCyclone said...

Hey Jessica! Wow, trying to leave a comment here is difficult!

ANYWAY, I love this background music!

I replied to your comment on my blog, so feel free to check it out!
I'm so glad to know you enjoy my blog! The university is setting up the bid process for their marketing again, so I'm not sure if I'm returning in the fall, but if you like what is going on, feel free to email or leave a comment! Show support, and I'll be back in the fall! I love the blog, and I'd be sad to see it go.

I noticed you said you were interested in Latin- I actually took Latin in high school and am taking Latin right now! Hope you're doing well, and keep the questions coming! Check out my reply to your post! have a great day!

-Seanna [LoneStarCyclone]

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A black cardigan can be paired with many colors and outfits and is the reason why I love them!

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That Sunday dress is simple, with its neutral colors, it spells summer.