Simple, Savvy, & Clutter-free | Dorm Ditto #4

(The above and below dorms are images that I found on Photobucket...
so unfortunately I do not know how to properly credit the source. If the
images belong to you or you know who the original source is, please
let me know so that I may properly credit them on my blog. Thanks.)

Clutter. It's something that seems to suddenly creep up on you when you live in a space. It happens enough in the bedroom. But a dorm is not just a bedroom. Aside from sleeping, dressing, and relaxing (which occur regularly in bedrooms)... throw in studying, watching tv, reading, entertaining, eating, and hanging out. That's what goes down in the dorm. Because dorms are often small and/or shared, you end up with too much to do in too little of a space. Clutter is inevitable it seems. But the above dorms seemed to have defeated the clutter.

The first dorm pictured took advantage of the white in the room. Sometimes throwing in too many random colors can overwhelm a small space. A white bedspread along with the white walls, white desk, and white shelving makes it look like all the white was on purpose. The splash of color comes in on the windows. Those yellow and orange vertical stripes not only give the room height, but the color is so cheery when the sun shines though. Accessories in this room are kept to a minimum. It's a bit bare for me (as I prefer to be surrounded by things that make me happy), but the minimal space looks very calm. It looks like a great place to study without much distractions and also a nice, tranquil place to snooze.

The second dorm sticks to a basic color combination of pinks and brown. Over to the right, I love the glow that the floor lamp puts off. However, those things on the floor (picture frame, water bottles, etc.) could really use a place to sit. There appears to be room on that fantastic cubed shelving unit. I love how the unit is wider than it is tall. It offers open storage and also a place to slide storage bins in. What catches my eye first about this room is definitely those GORGEOUS pink roses. How lovely! Nothing can cheer up a room quite like fresh flowers. :)

Four tricks to steal from these simple yet savvy dorms:
Top Left: Fresh flowers like these lovely pink roses from Flowers Xpress.
Top Right: Colorful striped curtains like these panels from Target.
Bottom Left: Comfy seating like these dish chairs from Target.
Bottom Right: Low shelving like these versatile units from Target.


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