Fit for the Delphine

The movie "Marie Antoinette" is one of my favorite movies. It's a breathtaking film---the sets are elaborate, the costumes are to-die-for, Kirsten Dunst is soooo talented, and the soundtrack is composed of some of the most beautiful sounds I've ever heard. I love the movie so much that it inspired my next room idea. In this room, I attempted to combine the fabulous frill, timeless elegance, and superfluous luxury with fresh simplicity, youthful colors, and lots of function. After all... doesn't every girl deserve her piece of Versailles?

(Above) Marie Antoinette's private chamber.

(Above) The infamous fan scene from the movie.

(Above) Deliciously frosted cakes + fabulous
footwear... isn't that every girl's fantasy?

(Above) Portrait of the real Marie Antoinette.
Here is Decor Board #2: Let Them Eat Cake...

Color Scheme:
Bubblegum Pink, Cool Turquoise, Crisp White, Glimmering Gold
1: This minimal poster makes a maximum statement with a pretty cake and three little words. 2: This is just one of those movies I can watch over and over and over again. 3: This golden bird on a pedestal adds a bit of funky whimsy to any corner of the room. 4: This simple lampshade is lovely. 5: It'll be even lovelier on this crystal lamp base. 6: This comforter is patterned with sky-blue and white damask. 7: This clean-cut, white tray would make the perfect catch-all for keys, mail, and other knick-knacks. 8: Beautiful pink flora brightens up any room. 9: Leave the traditional bulletin board behind for this ornately framed message board. 10: This pink picture frame is absolutely fabulous. 11: Since I can't have Versailles' hall of mirrors... this elegant mirrored bedstand will have to do. 12: Here's another darling picture frame. 13: I'm smitten with these lacey-patterned, metal candleholders in hot pink and snowy white. 14: Every queen's room needs a gilt touch... and these frames have just the right amount. 15: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? 16: This wall-art combines that traditional flocked pattern with modern colors and an abstract floral design. 17: A comely pink rug for the floor. 18: These vinyl chandelier decals come in a variety of colors and are a delightful alternative to the real thing. 19: This milky-white, porcelain vase is pleasing to the eye, especially filled with those hot pink blossoms. 20: Cute and functional window treatments in vivid turquoise. 21: How adorable is this cupcake trinket box?! 22: Nothing's more French than a little poodle. 23: These candle holders catch the eye with their bold, pink hue. 24: Dress up the tissues with this wooden box that pulls together all the colors of the room. 25: A French Revolution Era gown to put the icing on the cake! (...A girl can dream, can't she?) 26: This fan is more within budget than that dress... and an important scene of the movie can still be re-enacted. ;)


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