Heirloom Retreat

This room idea is inspired by the guest room in HGTV's 2009 Dream Home. The room is a cozy retreat with its buttercream walls, crimson accents, and the mixture of antique and clean modern pieces strewn throughout the room. I would love to re-create this room as a dorm or campus apartment. Walls can't be painted, of course. But I did some wandering around the internet... and I think I came up with things that will capture the comfortable, casual elegance of this cozy, pretty room.

So here it is... Decor Board #1: Heirloom Retreat

Color Scheme:
Rich Crimson, Golden Yellow, Antique White, Wrought-iron Black.

1: Since walls can't be painted, this yellow rug would bring in some of the sunshine of the inspiration guest room. 2: I think this small, white bedside table adds a bit of charm and offers a much-needed break from the usual wood dorm furniture. 3: This black alarm clock adds timeless vintage flair. 4: And this black telephone compliments that nostalgic style. 5: These attractive, dark brown wicker baskets can hold anything from perfumes and lotions, office supplies, and magazines. 6: Who wouldn't want to curl up in this darling, crimson, toile-printed throw? 7: Lighten things up with this lovely lamp---red lampshades put off a gorgeous, warm glow. 8: I thought this rotating photo holder was not only functional but really elegant. 9: Pillows are a great way to bring colors and patterns into a room---this yellow throw pillow picks up on the main buttery tone of the inspiration room. 10: A handsome wrought-iron coat tree like this one is perfect for catching coats, purses, and scarves. In my opinion: the more pillows on the bed the better! 11: Ivory throw pillow. 12: Silky scarlet throw pillow. 13: Those pillows will pop against this ivory-toned, striped comforter. 14: And I couldn't pass up this beautiful, black and ivory damask-printed pillow. 15: Fabric-covered message boards are a pretty approach to the traditional bulletin board; I like this handmade red toile board. 16: A large wicker basket is the ideal place to stow away textbooks when not in use. 17: Window treatments can instantly transform a room from drab to fabulous; I like these yellow curtains. 18: I actually already own this wrought-iron birdcage... so I thought it'd be a perfect touch to the room. 19: Splurge alert: technically this yellow, damask-patterned, winged armchair is out of budget for a dorm room... but it's such a knock-out I had to include it. I adore candles even if I'm not allowed to burn them. Yankee Candles' 20: candied apple and 21: sparkling lemon would suit this space wonderfully. 22: These black photo frames add a bit of modern class and echo the frames in the original guest room. 23: Lastly, I think that a red slipcover is the ultimate solution to covering up a less-than-pretty desk chair.


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