3 Ideas for Your Walls from LivingEtc

(above images from LivingEtc)

While browsing the LivingEtc site, I came across these three wall treatments that I think can be adjusted and made perfect for your dorm room. And to top it off... all of these treatments can be accomplished with a little creativity and Etsy-shopping. (For the below photos, click on image for the original source.)

#1 Album Wall
In the above photo, the wall is covered in photo frame wallpaper from Bodie & Fou. I'm not suggesting you cover your dorm walls in wallpaper; I've never heard of a college that allowed you to wallpaper the walls. An easy solution to get this look would be to use vinyl decals like the ones below from Elephannie's Etsy shop. Decals like these stick to the wall without damaging it. Just peel and stick where you wish. Then you can put photos in them using poster putty or masking tape.
#2 Postcard Wall
In the photo above, a great statement is made using postcards as a micro art gallery. Simply stick 'em to the wall with some poster putty or masking tape and you have a little gallery of your own. The best thing about postcards is that there is such a variety of them. Put some up from your favorite vacation, some that remind you home, and some depicting your favorite famous paintings. Or scour antique stores, vintage shops, or sellers like justlilies on Etsy for old postcards that will give your room some vintage flair.
#3 Spotty Wall
Maybe postcards and photos aren't your style and you're looking for something funkier. How about some cheerful spots on the walls? In the photo above, spots were painted onto the wall of a baby's room to liven up the walls. For your dorm room, get your hands on some vinyl wall decals like this confetti wall graphic set from michellechristina on Etsy. You can move them around the room into different arrangements as you wish...and without hurting those residence hall walls.

Hope these ideas inspired you! :)


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LauraCassidy said...

I love that album wall. Great idea!