Mucha Ado About Something

I'm enamored with the artwork of Alphonse Mucha. It's the combination of lovely young ladies in flowing Neoclassical-style attire, rich colors, and elaborate floral details that appeal to me. So I thought... why not let one of Mucha's pieces of art inspire a room? His images are timelessly classic and effortlessly young and fresh. It was hard to pick just one painting because each piece of his art offers so much inspiration and fun color combinations. I ended up settling on his painting entitled "Ivy" because the contrast of the rich berry tones against pale green was so unique and...well, delicious. I hoped to capture the spirit of Art Nouveau and pair it with some bold, refined character.
(Above) A collage of Alphonse Mucha beauties.

Let me introduce Decor Board #3: Mucha Ado About Something...

Color Scheme:
Black+White, Dulcet Wine, Lush Green, accents of Rusty Orange. 1: This side table reminds me of the branches present in so many of Mucha's works. 2: This poster, Mucha's "Ivy", is the muse of the room. 3: These picture frames are reminiscent of the intertwining ivy in the poster. 4: This comforter's color is so fresh and verdant...plus the abstract leaves tie into details in the Mucha's artwork. 5: Love this elegant lamp. 6: This pillow offers a burst of burnt orange pulled from the poster. 7: And this damask berry-hued pillow is brings in the wine tone. 8: A fabulous black and white rug with abstract leaves... looks great with the comforter! 9: This funky, branch-like vase is as interesting as it is handsome. 10: This chair has a great design on the back! 11: Orange-blossom diffuser lends its wonderful scent to the room. 12: Lovely wrought-iron clock. 13: More abstract leaf design on this pale green vase. 14: This secretary desk can be closed up so that unsightly papers can be hidden from view. 15: And I couldn't resist throwing in this Alphonse Mucha calendar.


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