Room 332 | Blast from the Past

Above: My bed. My roomie and I originally decided on a red and orange color scheme for the dorm. Unfortunately, those two colors were just not "in" that season. I looked everywhere for a red or orange comforter to my liking. Time ran out. And I ended up with a boring brown one, but it was very comfy at least. I bought the "Gone with the Wind" poster my first week of classes. Isn't it wonderful? It's my favorite movie and the poster now hangs in my bedroom at home... nicely framed, though. And yes, that's a stuffed animal on my bed. I had to leave my adorable doggie at home, which was five hours away. My mom bought a look-alike Ty puppy and put my doggie's first collar on it. Wasn't that sweet? (Needless to say, it wasn't the same as cuddling up to the warm little ball of fluff I left at home.)

Above: This is the view out our dorm window. That big building in the distance is the library. That vanity in front of the window really came in handy. We had a small bathroom we shared with the two girls next door. It was great to be able to sit down and do my hair and make-up in the morning without being in anyone's way or them being in my way. I almost got rid of this vanity last summer, but I'm so glad I didn't... I'll be taking it college again this fall.

Above: My roomie and I on move-in day. (We accidentally matched, haha.) As you can see, the white cinder-block walls are terribly bare. I hadn't yet bought all those posters.

Above: This is the shared desk. My side was on the left, my roomie's was on the right. Definitely not much space on the desktop.

Above: A close-up of my side of the desk. This fall I'm definitely planning on coming up with a more creative replacement for the basic bulletin board. And I'm going to strive to keep the clutter to a minimum. ;)

Above: Our shared dresser, which we used as a tv stand. It wasn't a bad tv, really. Good picture, good sound. But boy was that thing a load to pack up and move to and from school. And as you can see... it was prone to having a glare.

Above: My roomie's side of the room. Her bed was loft, so we utilized the space by turning it into our little snack center. The fridge, microwave, and coffee maker were all located here. And her white Ikea chair was sooooo comfy!

Above: Here's my closet... on move-in day. Only a month later, it was sooo much more packed. Those hanging shoe organizers are nice, but the larger one was soon turned into a t-shirt organizer and the shoes ended up on the bottom of the closet.

It's hard to believe it's been almost two years since I lived in that dorm. It was a nice dorm and I have a lot of good memories that took place there. However, I only spent a semester at that school and then transferred to a community college close enough to home that I could live with my parents and family again.

This fall I am looking forward to having a much more fabulous dorm! My roomie and I attempted to design a cohesive space, but we lived far from each other and weren't sure of what to expect. We ended up just bringing random things and throwing it all together... which is what most college students do. We started out with a color scheme of red and orange, but that got forgotten about quickly. And we didn't start planning anything 'til really close to the start of school.

By starting early and having a room of my own, I'm crossing my fingers that it will turn out organized, color-coordinated to my liking, and aesthetically pretty. :)

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Am I crazy? I totally love the white cinderblocks. Consider yourself lucky!