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I created a group on Flickr called Your Dorm Room so that readers and students could submit photos of their past/present dorms. I was so excited when I logged into my Flickr account today and noticed that someone submitted photos. I love seeing where other other people live... especially in dorm rooms. Your dorm room is your home-away-from-home. It's where you study, entertain, hang out, sleep, get around, and even eat. It's a bedroom/office/living room and sometimes even more all wrapped up into one.

A big thanks to Stratospherical for sharing pictures of her dorm. She is a 20-year-old Art History and Literature student. (I've often fantasized about majoring in Art History.) I think her dorm decor definitely gives off an artsy, bookworm kinda vibe... which I totally love. All of these photos belong to her. If you would like to view her full photostream, click here.

Now, let's take a tour:
The first thing I noticed about her dorm room is the color on the walls. Beige. So not white. It surprised me because I'm used to seeing white on dorm walls since that's the neutral color most colleges pick. I like the beige though. It makes the room feel warmer and cozier. Those tall, narrow windows also caught my eye. They let in lots of natural light, I'm sure.
Here is her desk. It's a organized space with plenty of room to study and all the essentials (scissors, pencils, cell phone, etc.) within easy reach.
And now for a closer look at the desk. That little pink storage caddy keeps things like mini post-it notes, rubber bands, and paper clips all stowed away but easy to get to if needed. She used two cork squares instead of a full bulletin board. (This is something I've considered doing because the squares can be arranged on the wall.) Oh, and I reeeeally like her screen-saver. Isn't that lovely?
Here's the books she's been hitting. I'd like to see what she reads for pleasure. :)
Pictured above is her calendar. She noted that it quickly became neglected. Any calendar I ever hang quickly becomes neglected, too. I'm much more partial to the dayplanner I carry around in my purse.
One end of her bed. Gotta love the "Breakfast at Tiffany's" poster. I adore that movie.
Other end of the bed. I like that her bed is kept simple with a white blanket and those sweet heart-printed sheets. I also like those pretty little bird drawings hung on the wall.
She takes advantage of the storage space under her bed by putting the mini-fridge, microwave, and dining things there.
She shares the dorm with a roomie, but they hung this floral sheet as a divider between the two spaces. They get along great, yet sometimes it's nice to pull the curtain closed and pretend that you have your own room for a little while.
Here's one of the wardrobes. The tv is up on top. She mentioned that it had no remote and I immediately felt the pain. When I took my television to college five hours from home, I forgot the remote. It's one of those things you're really thankful for when you suddenly have to go a few weeks without it. Heh.
Another view of the creative divider. I do love the pretty colors on the sheet.
Lastly, these must be a few of her favorite items. I love, love, love that cute little deer. I'm also impressed with that drawing of Alice, the Rabbit, and the Mad-Hatter at the Tea Party. (I wonder if she drew it...?)

Thanks again, Stratospherical!

If you would like photos of your real dorm to show up here at the blog, please head on over to the Your Dorm Room group on Flickr and submit some pics.


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