A Fabulous Wall... for $13

Doesn't the wall of that playroom look absolutely fabulous? Would you believe that the creative mastermind made it using scrapbook paper and glue dots? I think that this would be a fun thing to do on dorm room walls. Scrapbook paper comes in such pretty colors and patterns... and at stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's, you can score some on the cheap. For a dorm, you may want to skip over the glue dots though because they may not be allowed due to damage. You could however pull it off with some poster-putty or double-sided tape, depending on what your school allows. (Do make sure to read the handbook or ask your hall adviser about what is and what isn't allowed on dorm room walls.)

For complete directions on creating a scrapbook paper wall of your own, click here.

Although the effect of an entire wall is eye-catching, I think it'd be neat to just do a section above the bed... like a fake headboard kinda thing. This diy is on my list of possibilities.



Anonymous said...

Wow! This is such a wonderful idea. I absolutely love the wall and the colors from the scrapbook paper. Just the idea I was looking for. Thanks!

Lacey said...

Love this idea!