Dorm Tips from Style At Home

(above image from Style At Home)

That's a pretty cute dorm, huh? I like that it's simple and clutter-free, but bold with its unique color scheme and pops of pattern. I reeeeally love the raspberry shade of that rug next to the green chair. Oh, and did I mention that this room was put together for only $500? Style At Home's style editor Karl Lohnes created it by purchasing everything off of a Canadian online marketplace.

Style At Home has 5 big tips and a couple DOs and DON'Ts for students when it comes to pulling of a stylish dorm on the cheap.

Here's a summary:

1. Storage, storage, storage
2. Changeable seating options
3. Choose your colors wisely
4. Stick to your budget
5. Use the internet

DO use ambiance lighting.
DON'T overuse patterns.
DO buy proportionate items.
DON'T permanently attach things to the walls.

You should definitely click here to read the full article on Style At Home.

Happy decorating!


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