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2 Doses of Jet Guer

"Tropical, calm, revitalizing, fresh, preppy, cool, cozy."
are the words the inhabitant uses to describe his space.

Above: The workspace. I believe that the desk is simply a drafting table... aren't its clean, modern lines so pleasing to your eye? I love the shelf over the table. Since it's white it blends in with the wall and calls more attention to the items on display rather than the shelf itself. That glowing ball of light is just plain cool. And I'm loving the necklace draped around the little white bust's neck.

Above: The bed. Okay, so there's a lot that I love here. First of all, I love the bed itself because it is a captain's bed. Captain's beds sit low on the floor and have drawers in the bottom. These drawers are perfect for out-of-season clothing or shoes. Next, I love how the bed is dressed. The black and white makes it simple and chic. I'm always a sucker for a canopy and this is no exception. Sheer white curtains that envelope the bed make it oh-so-inviting. Futhermore, I'm digging this alternative nightstand created by stacking two houndstooth-printed, round boxes. Isn't that green plant just a burst of lush color? :)

Above: Here's a better look at the canopy. Also notice the unique placement of the lighting fixture. It's not that often that you see a hanging lamp positioned right over the bed, but it works very well here. You can see that there's a hook in the ceiling from which the lamp hangs. This photo also shows what I think is a monogram on the bedding. Perfect touch.

And here's the same apartment bedroom... just decorated differently:

Above: In place of the black and white bedding is a lovely patterned duvet in a fresh yellow-green color and a lightweight white blanket.

Above: Even more pops of color appear on the nightstand with some vibrant books and a sky blue vase.

Above: That's a faux polar bear rug that the inhabitant bought on Ebay for only 50 bucks. Would you just love to bury your bare feet in that soft fur each morning? Instead of two stacked houndstooth boxes, there's just one used as a nightstand here. Even though it is a minor detail, I think it makes the room feel more casual and playful as opposed to the more formal, sophisticated version up above.

Above: The drafting table isn't here, but the shelf still is. I really like how the shelf is arranged. The mirror reflects light from the luminescent globe. The artwork and photo give the arrangement a personal touch. The single candle is elegant. The placement of the starfish on the wall is quite whimsical. The coral is so unique. And hello! There's that lovely bust. (I'm also a sucker for busts.) Did you know that this one was purchased for $3 at Hobby Lobby. It was originally an ugly grayish brown until it was transformed with a layer of white spray paint. Fabulous!

Above: Sooo tranquil, isn't it? I know I already mentioned the canopy, but it's seriously dreamy.

This apartment and all of the photos belong to Flickr user The One and Only Jet Guer. He has chic taste, unique ideas, and a knack for creativity. This just goes to show how you can basically transform a bedroom by making minor changes such as bedding, nightstand, and accessories.




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