Adriana Elisa | Your Dorm Room #2

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Oh, it is a happy day! Why is that? Because I have some real dorm photos to share with you. Adriana Elisa so wonderfully decided to post pictures of her dorm to the Your Dorm Room group on Flickr. Thank you, darling!

The first thing that caught my eye in this room was that gorgeous tapestry, which this dorm-decorator bought at a poster sale on campus. (My campus just had one of those poster sales, too. And now I wish I would've picked up one of the beautiful tapestries!) Also: that's a really nice dorm room. The walls are a softer, creamier color than harsh white. The carpet looks fluffy and clean. The window is in good shape. She's a lucky dorm-dweller.

Here are her three favorite things: a leather Fossil bag, a "cheap-but-awesome axl tele", and and tweed Fender bronco.

Here's a view of the desk area. Is it just more or does she have a HUGE room?

Close-up of where the studying happens. I like how that cork board is set back into the desk. It looks like a built-in.

Here's the top shelf of the desk. There's something about that little black fan that I really like. I think it's modern, but it has a vintage-y feel, no?

Television, fridge, and poster.

To avoid a tangled mess of necklaces, she got creative and hung them on the wall with adhesive hooks. I'm digging the owl necklace... sooo cute.

Thanks again, Adriana Elisa! Your dorm is warm, serene, clutter-free, and lovely. :)

To share photos of your dorm room, click here or head on over the Your Dorm Room Flickr group. Your space may end up here!


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