Arabian Nights | Dorm Ditto #9

(above and below dorm photos belong to Pleaides)

While browsing Flickr, I came across Pleaides' photos and found a dorm room that was definitely different. Pleaides loves the colors of the sunset and used rich crimson, orange, purple, wine, and gold tones in decorating the space.

The bed looks especially luxurious with its warm layers of color and plush pillows.

Pleaides used what looks to be a fancy, shimmery shower curtain or window panel to close off the closet from the rest of the room. That blue lantern hanging to the left of the closet is the perfect touch!

Pleaides calls the room "Indian-Moroccan-Bohemian" and it definitely gives off that vibe. She scavenged thrift stores, Ebay, and clearance tables at home decor shops to accessorize the room without breaking the bank. I like that pretty fabric draped over the desk.

She created quite the romantic, Arabian-inspired space, huh? To create this look, it's a one-stop-shopping trip. Hit up World Market and all you'll need to pull off this look is some belly-dancing lessons.

All of this can be found at World Market!


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