Sleep Pretty in Pink

Maybe you're roomie (as much as you love her) snores super loud? Or that kid down the hall blares his heavy metal music all night long? Or the frat down the street is hosting a noisy kegger? There are a number of things that can come between a college student and much needed sleep. Well, I have a completely natural sleep aid for you!
Sleep Pretty in Pink ear plugs are super soft, surprisingly comfortable ear plugs that reduce noise by 32 decibels and are recommended by physicians. I've never been a fan of ear plugs. All of the ear plugs I'd ever felt were stiff little buggers that either wouldn't fit in my ear or hurt my ears. Not the case with these! These ear plugs are tiny, pink, and made of a super squish, memory-foam-like material. They're easy to put in, too. You simply roll them between thumb and forefinger until it is a small, tight cylinder. Then you insert it into the ear. The foam re-plumps itself, filling your ear, and blocking out noise. I tried these out in my dorm to block out the sound of passing traffic and couldn't hear a thing. (I'm not sure I want to try them while I sleep, though. I have a feeling I'd sleep right through the alarm clock. Hehe.)

While the ear plugs are good and all, I'm pretty much ecstatic about the Sleep Pretty in Pink sleeping mask. You know how when you're little you idolize all those beauty queens and imagine them sleeping in their fancy sleeping masks? Well, that's what I imagined anyway. And I wanted to be just like them! Furthermore, I just wanted to block out all the light. I've always liked to sleep in the darkest room possible. Light really keeps me up. And burying my head under the covers only works so long until I feel like I'm suffocating. Ugh.

But the Sleep Pretty in Pink sleeping mask is really a lifesaver! It has velcro closure, which makes it adjustable. This is good because too tight of a sleeping mask causes headaches, and too loose of one will just come off in your sleep. It is soft, lightweight, and hot pink. It contours to the nose and has an eye-lash-free design, which means it isn't pressed up against your eyelids. This mask is really comfortable and I've slept in it almost every night since receiving it. It hasn't made me uncomfortable or come off once. And it blocks out all the light! (Last Saturday I accidentally slept in 'til noon because I had no idea the sun was even up!) These are perfect for afternoon power naps, too.

Oh, and did I mention that these products are oh-so-affordable?! Prices range from $2.99 to $9.00. They are available at popular retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, and lots of drug stores.

For more information, click here. As for me, I'm going to slip on my mask, slip into bed, and have a wonderful night's sleep. :)

Thumbs up for Sleep Pretty in Pink!


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