With a Can of Chalkboard Paint...

...You can do anything!!

Okay, so maybe not anything. Unfortunately, it'll probably go against the contract to splash some black chalkboard paint on the walls of your dorm or apartment. But this paint is all the rage lately and creative people are coming up with more and more ideas on how and where to use it. Here are some of my favorites:

(above: from Make blog, via Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh) You can find old, worn-out classroom globes at most antique shops and thrift stores. And they're pretty cheap, too. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity. You can do like above and cover the globe in a coat of classic black chalkboard paint, or you could go wild using colored chalkboard paint. You could create your own world, paint a pretty pattern, whatever suits your fancy.

(above: Pinch Design, via Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh) Forget about bulletin boards and desktop calendars. This is a way cuter idea. Simply paint seven wooden squares with chalkboard paint. In a dorm or apartment, it's probably safest to attach them to the wall with adhesive strips that won't damage the wall's surface. You can get creative with this project, too, by using colored chalkboard paint or using different shapes instead of squares. Maybe some hearts? ♥

(above: Sterling Industries, via Belle Maison) Have an old piece of furniture lying around that you're not sure what to do with? Cover it in chalkboard paint and it instantly becomes a blank canvas for all your artistic whims! If painting the entire piece makes you a little anxious, settle for painting just the drawers or the top. Word of caution: don't attempt this on furniture provided to you by the college. :P

(above: from Sweet Sweet Life, via Apartment Therapy SF) I really want to undertake this project. Simply find an old door (check your parent's garage, local thrift and antique shops, salvage stores, etc.) and coat it in chalkboard paint. It can be propped for decoration with a favorite poem scribed on it. It could positioned horizontally over your desk for a massive place to scribble all your thought. Or it could function as a cool headboard.

I hope I got your creative juices flowing! Go get some chalkboard paint and get crafty!



Anonymous said...

Great ideas, thank you
We are a small NY company that produce 24 colors of chalkboard paint Our paint is low VOC 100 % acrylic.
Perfect for dorms, with beautiful colors to match your mood, can be painted directly on the wall but also on masonite or pretty much anything as you show in your samples. Check us out at HUDSONPAINT .com
Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great Benjamin Moore chalkboard ideas!