Bold Statement Wall

(above image from: LXH)

I'm not always a fan of covering walls with photographs. I know that for some dorm-dwellers, plastering their walls with photos of friends and family remind them of home's memories and fend off bouts of homesickness. I really like how the above college student went about displaying photos in her room. If you look closely, you'll see cherished photos of friends and good-times. But much what's there is scenic photos, ads from magazines, a couple posters, and some art. She has a lot of color and variety, but she also took a lot of time putting everything up. There's nothing haphazard about the arrangement. A printed comforter might have taken this dorm room over the edge graphically, but the solid black and bright yellow grounds what could chaotic. I love the statement. I love the colors. And I love how she's so happy and smiley to be in her dorm! :)


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