Fall Fashion Favorites

I love her black shoes, black tights, and black skirt with the black-and-white striped shirt and yellow cardigan.

Since I will be attending my boyfriend's family Thanksgiving dinner for the second year in a row, I want to pick an extra-cute outfit. I remember that last year I wore dark skinny jeans, a purple blouse, moccasins, and my favorite plaid purple scarf. I wore my hair wavy and my nails were painted my favorite shade of "Flirty Pink". As much as I loved that outfit last year, and still do, I want to go in a different direction this year. This fall I'm really into boots, pretty dresses with simple belts at the waist, and cardigans. I have a fabulous pair of suede, brown, fringey moccasin boots. And I have a navy blue boyfriend cardigan that is probably my favorite thing ever to wear. So I'm thinking off hitting up some thrift/vintage shops in search of a lovely frock to belt or a sweater dress. In the meantime, I scavenged Flickr for inspiration...

I like her brown shoes, brown tights, and brown shirt with that adorable green skirt. And that little ivory bow is soooo cute!
This vintage ensemble is lovely. I love how she brown, black, creamy white, and the forest green tights. Those shoes are absolutely fabulous, btw.
She is so cheerful and colorful. I like her bold mix of prints and colors... and I'm swooning over her red t-strap heels. (I'm a sucker for t-straps.)
Ah! The coat is lovely, but the red tights and the red sleeves that peek out from underneath the coat are what totally sends me into swooning mode for this little get-up.
(What I Wore Jessica)
Oh my goodness. I love the sweater dress with the brown belt at the waist. I love the leather coat and rust-hued scarf. I love the shiny red peep-toe shoes. And I love love love love love those floral-printed tights! (Where can I get some?!)
(Green Eden Vintage)
This is so cute. Plaid dress + cardigan + amazing boots = perfect fall look.
And here's another cute fall look! The belted floral dress is lovely. I think I have a thing for cardigans... because I just love them! I also adore the way her navy blue socks peek out from the tops of her boots---way too cute. Oh, and I love those types of hates... although I have a hard time pulling hat looks off.
(sacaton june)
What I love about this attire is how simple and lovely it looks. Again, I can tell that this fall I'm really into belted dresses, boots, and cardigans.
She literally "just threw this on" and I think it is gorgeous. I really like the dress with jeans. I love the boots. And that sweater looks so cozy.


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