Magazine Decoupage Project

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chair project 1
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Tired of that boring side-table or wooden chair you have? Bring new life to it and make a unique statement by decoupaging the furniture with magazine cut-outs. Warning: Don't do this to furniture the school provided. ;) For instructions from re-nest on how to decoupage furniture, click here. Happy decoupaging!



Anonymous said...

Love it! The idea is so unique, I would cover mine in super bright magazine pages.

Elle Moselle said...

I just finished something like this a couple of weeks ago!

I needed seating but could only afford these old lawn chairs, so I covered them in news paper. I have matching curtains too:


The pictures you shared make me wish I had a table to do :P!

Unknown said...

Luinae--bright magazine pages would look fab!

Moselle--what a coincidence! i love the newspaper look. and you're very creative with the curtains!

anonymous--scavenge good will, antique stores, and thrift shops for on-the-cheap table finds. ;)

Beyond to Better Things said...

Ya know what...this looks very much like stuff I've done and sold? http://www.facebook.com/pages/Palmetto-FL/Something-by-Juliana/112759922078716?v=photos&sb=4#!/album.php?aid=20940&id=1632919320

Anonymous said...

That is a clever idea. Those chairs look so hip and edgy. I love the transformation. Great job!

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