Wallpaper Your Dorm?

Okay... so not all of us are as "entitled and privileged" as Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, who turned her nose up to residence hall handbook rules and wallpapered her dorm in a lavish purple floral print. Unfortunately, wallpapering is explicitly outlawed in dorm rooms and campus apartments. And consequently, walls often go dull and bland. But don't despair! Here are some creative ideas (courtesy of Apartment Therapy) for hanging wallpaper without glue.

(Above image: via Apartment Therapy)
Above: Use a poster hanger! The weighted bottom bar ensures that the paper hangs flat without curling. And a fabulous wallpaper print can be so much more attractive than a poster. (via Rare Device)

(Above image: via Apartment Therapy)
Above: Get some bulldog clips! Stick the clips high up on the wall near the ceiling using command adhesive strips. Then your wallpaper can hang all the way down to the floor for a true wallpaper effect. Also sticking some clips near the floor and clipping the bottom of the wallpaper, too, will keep the paper from curling. (via Abigail Ahern's A Girl's Guide to Decorating)

(Above image: via Apartment Therapy)
Above: Use a rod! This project is essentially creating your own full-length poster hanger. Hang the wallpaper from a rod and suspend the rod by threading ribbon through it; attach a command adhesive hook to the wall and hang the rod from that. You could let the wallpaper curl at the bottom as it does in the photos above, or weight the bottom down with a rod, too. (via 6 Uses for Wallpaper)

Maybe we can't have floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall paper like Miss Waldorf. But at least we'll be paying less and not spending the first few days of our summer vacation trying to scrape glued wallpaper off of cinderblock.


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