Fabulous $400 Senior Apartment

Above: For her senior year and first time living in a room without
a roommate, this renter wanted a relaxing space to come home to.

Above: She made the headboard out of three French memo boards.

Above: Her desk is clean and clutter-free so that there's
plenty of room to spread out homework and no room for
distractions. She keeps needed school supplies in the
hanging wall organizer next to the desk.

Above: This is my favorite part of the room. She purchased this
fireplace mantel at a garage sale for only $10! (I'm so jealous!)

The renter accomplished this on a $400 budget... including all the furniture and decor! The art was made by her and she refurbished some furniture from her basement to save money. I think she did a lovely job on her first all-hers place.

This apartment and the photos of it are from jenny324 at HGTV's Rate My Space.



Anonymous said...

The headboard is wonderful! That's my favourite part.

Unknown said...

Agreed! And it would be super easy to do.