Guy Dorm!

Above: The room is decorated in a color scheme of neutrals, earthy greens, and dark red. The 5' x 10' vinyl mural of a Japanese garden scene was purchased for $75 from getbiggies.com. That's a good deal for such a big statement---the wall mural truly transforms the cinder-block walls and add visual interest to the room.

Above: Dark red curtains match the red microwave and red pillows on the bed. And a multi-headed lamp can cast light wherever needed.

Above: A very well organized closet space.

Can you believe that this dorm room belongs to a guy?! Yeah, a guy! I normally don't feature guys' dorms on here because, well... how many fabulously decorated guys' rooms have you seen in your residence hall? This dorm is visually pleasing while still maintaining enough of a masculine, laid back feel that guys like. So if your boyfriend or brother needs some desperate design help concerning their college living space, take some cues from this place.

This dorm and the photos of it are from aubreyjoy at HGTV's Rate My Space.


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trade show graphics said...

The Japanese garden mural looks terrific. I could imagine waking up to see that fine print in front of me.