Valentine's Day Wardrobe | Part II

More Valentine's Day wardrobe ideas for you to consider...


Above: Silky chocolate-hued dress, lacy tights, satiny red pumps, a matching scarlet clutch, and Cupid earrings for a decadent evening at the ritz with your handsome man.


Above: Feminine red dress, black tights, heart-toed black pumps, a vintage-inspired black clutch, and sparkly heart ring for a fancy dinner out with your girls.


Above: Gray skinny jeans, cute heart-patterned tee, gunmetal flats, charcoal leather purse, and adorable turquoise heart earrings for a spontaneous roadtrip with your guy.


Above: Dark-washed skinny jeans, a super-soft peachy-pink cashmere sweater, lavender ballet flats, a sunshine-yellow clutch, and dainty gold heart necklace for a day of shopping with your bff.

Casual Valentine
Above: Your favorite pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a frilly red-hot blouse, ruby-red flats, a heart-printed purse, and cute red heart earrings for a casual coffee-house date with your bf.



Frannie said...

You're making it really hard from me to avoid going on shopping spree frenzy. These outfits are so beautiful. Absolutely adore outfits 1 and 5!

Unknown said...

Those two are my favorites, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the heart handbag in the last picture! Where did you find it? I want one!!

Jill said...

I love all of those outfits! great ideas ;D