64 Square Foot Bedroom Done in Grays

This inspiring apartment bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy L.A. and I think it would be a great space to borrow from/copy for your own dorm or apartment bedroom. The room is open and airy and makes use of beautiful shades of neutral colors.

The chair serves as both a nightstand and place to sit down. And a nearby mirror is always an essential.

Hooks on the wall offer a place to hang up clothes, coats, etc. And shelves hung above the bed offer a place for pictures and knick-knacks.

Lighting is mounted above the bed. And an old sewing machine is re-purposed as a nightstand.

What a calm, gorgeous bedroom to relax in.



Tara said...

This is gorgeous, I love that organic pattern on the pillows. I am seeing it everywhere I can't afford!

perth home renovations said...

Impressive interiors for the bedroom. The concept design is simple yet elegant. Perfect for women.

Debra Mennins said...

The patterned design offset any drab vibe of a gray color scheme. I absolutely love it. The calm and sleepy feeling that I get from the photos is great for a bedroom. It just makes me want to burrow a bit more deeper in my bed.

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