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Liberal Arts colleges are four-year schools with a strong emphasis on undergrad student of the liberal arts. Most are private and smaller than universities. Students typically spend two years studying a broad range of liberal arts before declaring a major.

A Liberal Arts college may be right for you if:

  • You want individual attention in the classroom. Since these colleges are generally smaller, the class sizes are smaller. This allows you to get to know your professor and classmates on a more intimate level. Your prof will know your name, you'll have class with many of the same students, and personal assistance will be readily accessible.

  • You want to live on-campus, but not be overwhelmed since this'll be your first time living and learning away from home. Dorms and campus apartments will provide you with small, close-knit communities so that you can make friends and have a great residential experience.

  • You want everything within easy walking distance. The thought of a huge, sprawling campus can be intimidating. But these campuses are usually small, pretty, and easy to navigate. You can simply walk or bike from one side of the campus to the other instead of worrying about missing the bus.

  • You have a good idea of what you want to major in, but you haven't set it in stone. The first two years are usually spent studying a range of liberal arts and completing general education requirements. This gives you the opportunity to explore other majors and develop your interests.

To summarize, Lib-Arts schools are small, typically private, and focus on a well-rounded education. You can get to know your professors, make friends with your residential neighbors, walk everywhere in decent time, and explore your interests before locking in a major.


For a list of Liberal Arts colleges rankings, click here.


Stacy said...

I went to a liberal arts school! Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX.

Anonymous said...

Very handy info! Also, love the new header!

Anonymous said...

Great post. I go to a liberal arts school and it was the best fit for me.. All the points you hit are absolutely true.


Hannah Katy

Unknown said...

Thanks gals. Glad you like. (: