More Decor Inspiration

Yesterday, I featured some rooms to draw inspiration from for some Spring revamping of your dorm room or apartment. Well, I have three more rooms for you today. These rooms are more eclectic in style, but I think that with the help of thrift stores, antique shops, and your parents' attic, the style can totally be pulled off in your school residence space.

(above via: here.) I'm a sucker for exposed brick. If you're one of the lucky students whose room features brick walls, one of your options is to play up the warmth of the brick with warm, vibrant colors. Orange, pink, red and yellow look great with brick. And touches of blue and green cool it down a little. In fact, a whole rainbow array of colors would look fantastic like in the room above.

(above via: here.) Perhaps the exposed brick in your room is more beige or brown instead of orange or red. Pale pink looks effortlessly pretty against beige and light brown, like in the room above. Take your room to a vintage, glitzy level with sheer curtains, sparkly chandeliers, and lace details. A big mirror will make the space appear larger, too.

(above via: here.) I would love to see a dorm room done up like this. Layered rugs disguise a tile or carpet floor. An old crate serves as a nightstand. An antique daybed serves as sleeping and sitting space. A small, round table draped with a sheer tablecloth is the perfect alternative to a desk, and doubles as a place to eat or play boardgames. The vintage lamps add industrial flair. A sheet hung on the wall adds color to an otherwise plain background. The pillows make the bed a cozy, luxurious space. And the piles of books and magazines are simply gorgeous. This room exudes eclectic, industrial, vintage "cool."



Barbara said...

I love the first one! It's not too over the top, but still has a fun edge!

Anonymous said...

I also love exposed brick! Like Barbara, the first one is my favourite.

Frannie said...

I really love the second one. I adore pale pinks and beiges together. They are lovely!

Unknown said...

My favorite is the second one, too! I'm usually not a fan of pink, but it's just so pretty and wistful.

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