Pretty Pegboards

Above: Turquoise pegboard used to
organize kitchen things. (via Team DIY)

Above: Green pegboard used to
organize craft supplies. (Via Team DIY)

Above: Clear acrylic pegboard used to
organize scrapbooking tools. (Via Team DIY)

I know, I know... at the thought of pegboards, I initially imagined those lackluster holed boards that are found in so many garages, warehouses, home improvement stores, and basements. But with a coat of paint and a little creativity, these pegboards make for some pretty organization that is ideal for small spaces. Scissors, tape, pens, pencils, and all that other crap that gets jumbled up in your desk drawers can now go vertical on a pegboard---it'll be easy to reach and easy on the eyes. Plus, valuable drawer space will be freed up for notebooks, paper, and more bulky school supplies. To see more, click here.



Frannie said...

those are really cute!

Nimo said...

I like these pegboards-esp the clear one because it would allow the wall color to show through. Lovely blog-i like your ideas!

Unknown said...

Nimo--I like the clear one a lot, too... especially if it had a prettily patterned wallpaper behind it! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!!

star said...

they are so pretty! i want to paint some pegboards pink now!