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You may have your heart set on a school because it is public or private. There are many stereotypes surrounding both public and private schools. While some of those stereotypes may be true, it is important to include both public and private schools in your college search so that you can make the decision for yourself.

The major difference between public and private institutions is financial. Public schools are supported by state funds and taxes. Private schools are supported by tuition, endowments, and donations from alumni and friends. Public schools are generally less expensive and easier to be admitted to, especially for in-state residents. Private schools are generally more expensive, but tend to offer the best financial aid. It is important remember, however, that the money issues vary from school to school.

Public schools are often associated with big campuses, wide ranges of majors, and lots of school spirit. Private schools are often associated with smaller campuses, more prestige, and more personalized attention. It is important to remember that these stereotypes may not fit every school. There are large public schools that offer personal attention. There are small private schools that offer lots of majors and lots of school spirit. And there are many highly successful people who have graduated from public schools.

Included within the public school system are "flagship" universities. A flagship school is the main public college in a state. And it is often huge! Some flagship schools that you may have heard of include Penn State, Ohio State, and the University of Texas. Flagship schools bring in students from not only their own state, but also other states and other countries. (Smaller public schools bring in students from mainly their own state and are likely to have less out-of-state and international students.) Flagships are usually (but not always) more difficult to be admitted to than other public state schools. Not all states have a flagship university.

Include both public and private schools in your college search. Don't believe every stereotype. Check each school out for yourself.



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