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(Above via: here.) Small-scale furniture works best in small spaces. Two small tables placed side by side are a perfect alternative to a bulky coffee table--they're dainty, ladylike, and easy to move. Chairs on casters also allow for easy re-arrangement. A tall, white dresser adds storage. And the bench under the window serves double duty as bench and table.

(Above via: here.) You don't have to break the bank to furnish a small space. Check local vintage, thrift, and antique stores for old furniture. This 1960s couch is quite fabulous, no? The end table and coffee table are tea-boxes that were found on the street, as was the antique window that dresses up the wall. I really love the vintage accents--the radio and fan.

(Above via: here.) Drape a table cloth over a bookcase to hide clutter but keep storage. Incorporate lots of white for a clean, crisp, airy feel. Dress up walls with art you like in a variety of sizes, but with a common theme and color scheme in mind. Add a restrained burst of color with one or two vibrant, patterned throw pillows. Sophisticated and smart.

(Above via: here.) Sometimes us college students end up with an eclectic mix of hand-me-down and thrifted furniture. There's no shame in that as long as you pull it all together. Walls are kept a neutral off-white that compliments the white sofa. The other furniture is dressed up with white pillows to match. The rug is neutral. And the pops of color come from those fabulous vintage chairs, a vase of flowers, and pretty green toss pillows.

(Above via: here.) In a small space, don't be afraid of pulling furniture away from the walls. By angling one of the sofas just a bit, this space is made cozy and perfect for boardgames, conversation, or just hanging out. After studying this room for a while, I noticed that the pillows, rug, and throw all are comprised of a similar blue damask. I love that subtle matching.



Anonymous said...

Small space inspirations are my favourite series that you're doing! It's so inspiring and creative.

Unknown said...

Luinae--I'm glad you're enjoying these posts. (:

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