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Specialty schools are institutes that offer training for specific careers. Examples would be art, music, Bible, business, health, and culinary institutes. There are typically little to none general education courses. Your entire education is based on preparing you for your chosen career.

A specialty school may be right for you if:

  • You have made a concise decision about what you want to do with your life and are fully committed to that decision. If you have dreamed of becoming an interior designer your entire life and don't want to become anything else, then an interior design school would be great for you. But if you are having trouble deciding between interior design and another major, your best option would be to go to a school that offered degrees in both of those subjects just in case you change your mind.


P.S. The Art Institutes offer specialized, focused degrees in advertising, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, animation, special effects, audio/visual/digital media, game design & programming, photography, web design, interactive media, fashion design & management, culinary arts & management, and more.

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