In 10 Years...

Jesse from Just Flew the Coop posted about the question "Where will I be in 10 years?" and tagged me to do the same. I thought about it all day long and (like Jesse) decided to find some pictures that match the future I daydreamed up.

Ten years from now I will be thirty-one years old. College will be behind me and I'll love my job as a reading teacher at an elementary school somewhere in Iowa.

I will be happily married to the handsome and funny love of my life... who hopefully turns out to be my current amazing bf. ;)

I will live in an adorable house. It may not be huge, but it will have a lot of character. The outside will be painted a pretty color like pink or turquoise... and I'll have lovely white gingerbread trim.

The inside of my house will be my creative playground when it comes to decorating. The wall colors, throw pillows, curtains, and furniture arrangements will probably change frequently. There will be lots of magazines, books, and vintage typewriters. The walls will never be naked. And I'll try to always have fresh flowers in the living room.

My bedroom will be a relaxing place to retire at the end of a day. And I'll have a stack of books close at hand for that time of evening when I love to stick my nose in a novel.

My kitchen will be colorful. Hopefully by then I'll be a pro at all things culinary. I'll bake cookies, muffins, and delicious desserts and cook up yummy pastas, omelets, and homemade pizzas. And I'll do all of that in a pretty, retro-inspired apron.

Somewhere in my house there will be a quiet corner for me to do my researching, writing, and blogging. After trying for many years, I'll have finally landed a publisher that wants to publish my historical fiction novel. I'll be doing lots of researching, editing, re-writing in this quiet corner in preparation for the release of my first novel. ;)

I will have a ghost chair. This is imminent. And if things go as planned, I'll have one at my desk and at least four around my dining room table. I will admire their translucence daily.

Oh, and I'll be driving around town in a '57 Chevy. (Well, a girl can dream... can't she?)

Thanks, Jesse for tagging me. This was lots of fun. :)

Readers, check out Jesse's blog Just Flew the Coop.

Where will you be ten years from now?


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Frannie said...

I did this tag! It was sooo much fun! Love seeing where you would like to be in 10 years. I believe you will get there :)