Small Space Inspiration | Study Space

If you choose a simple table instead of a desk you gain clean lines but lose storage space. To make up for the missing drawer space, stack large boxes underneath the desk. These green ones with their their metal edges and handles are an attractive option. Chairs on wheels are always convenient because you can move around easily. Tuck all your supplies away into colorful boxes of varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

If you want a minimal workspace, chose a simple desk like the one above and paint it. Use restraint with what supplies you leave out on the desk---it's not a large surface and you don't want to clutter it. (Keep often-needed supplies out; tuck occasionally-needed supplies away.) Go with a monochrome color scheme, but add a pop of color with one accessory such as an orange desk lamp amid an array of moody blues. Patterned (or plain) clipboards hung on the wall are a fun alternative to the traditional bulletin board.

Mirrored furniture and see-through acrylic furniture (I'm a sucker for ghost chairs!) both give an illusion of extra space because of their reflective and translucent bodies. Use boxes in pretty colors to stow supplies. Dress up the space with pretty patterns in classic black and white, ladylike artwork, and fragrant flowers. You'll have the most lovely place to do homework.

A simple one-drawer desk is great because it offers the simplicity of a table, but a little bit of storage to tuck away clutter. Again, clipboards replace the usual bulletin board. And a cabinet hung over the desk is a great way to store books and extra supplies.

Lots of white is always smart in a small space. For a different take, combine different whites: distressed antique white, crisp white, shiny modern white, etc. Keep desk clutter to the minimum. Hang shelves on the wall for vertical storage. And check out the adorable diy-message board made using a strip of wood and clothespins painted white. So simple and so efficient.

Combining white with two other colors makes for a vibrant space, especially when those two colors are opposites like light green and bright orange. Gather supplies on a tray. Go big and bold with the lamp. Make sure your chair is comfy and cushioned. And create your own bulletin board by framing it and covering it in a neutral fabric. That has got to be one of the prettiest bulletin boards I've ever seen.

(All images in this post from Decorology's photostream on Flickr.)



Ella said...

I just adore the first picture! Its so me, I would love to have a study like that. I also like the idea of having clip boards instead of a pin board.

Desiree said...

The clipboards a great idea. On the walls or just to have in general. Kudos on your blog. I tried to start a dorm room design blog and failed miserably.

Unknown said...

Clipboards are amazing. I love the Liberty of London ones that are available at Target right now---they're soooo pretty!

George Smith said...

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