Teeny-Tiny | Inspiration from AT's Small, Cool 2010

It's time for Apartment Therapy's annual Small, Cool contest. :D I love seeing all the photos of real people's small spaces---especially the teeny-tiny ones. Here are some photos of recent entries:

(above two photos via Apartment Therapy: Lacey's DIY in the Details. For more photos + floor plan, click here.) Lacey's space is my favorite of the teeny-tiny entries so far. I love the subtle eclecticism, diy touches, and mix of furniture she has going on. I especially like the dresser her tv sits on. The bed looks comfy. The mirrored nightstand is lovely. And that chair looks like the perfect place to curl up with a good book or magazine.

(above photo via Apartment Therapy: Whitney's Well Organized Home. For more photos + floor plan, click here.) Whitney's small space is appealing because of all the crisp white and sunlight. She's also an organizer extraordinaire---check out that cabinetry! I'm completely smitten with the colorful quilt on her bed. And isn't that a sweet doggie?

(above photo via Apartment Therapy: Nicole's Vintage Beauty. For more photos + floor plan, click here.) I am a sucker for exposed brick and would love to live in a space that features some. And isn't Nicole's bed gorgeous?

(above photo via Apartment Therapy: Lindsay's Little Box. For more photos + floor plan, click here.) Lastly, I like Lindsay's place because of the pretty blue color scheme, easy-to-move coffee tables, tall stack of books, and cute pillows.



Anonymous said...

Found you through 20SB, love your small space decorating ideas!! :)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much :)