Chic & Cheap Shelving

(above via: here.) Instead of buying a new bookcase, opt for a thrifted one or keep the old one you already have. Give it a fresh coat of paint and either paint the inside or line it with scrapbook paper or wallpaper. Don't overload the shelf with clutter---let the pattern or paint get some attention.

(above via: here.) For a simple, studio-esque solution... prop open a ladder and insert some long planks of wood. Just make sure you don't put something too heavy on one end.

(above via: here.) For a more rustic look, choose a worn wooden ladder and add industrial touches like metal and vintage wire.

(above via: here.) If you are handy with a hammer and nails... or can manage to coax a handyman into helping out, turn one of your nooks into a bookcase with wooden planks. Avoid doing this in a dorm or campus apartment though---you might lose your safety deposit.

(above via: here.) Crates can exude vintage, rustic cool. Just make sure they're a nice dark brown or painted a uniform color and you'll have a cubicle-like storage unit.

(above via: here.) Scourge antique shops and thrift stores for boxes and drawers in different sizes and shapes. Paint them all one color... like a gorgeous turquoise. Line the backs/bottoms/sides with wallpaper or scrapbook paper. Stack 'em on top of each other and accessorize.



Simon Greenwhich said...

These are great shelving system ideas indeed. However, these materials are only applicable to be used in the house. Big companies and establishments like warehouse and offices should use a high quality pallet racking systems to ensure the safety of the products and the employees. Anyway, I think I am going to create my own cheap shelving as well.

Cattledog Mom 2 said...

I'd love to use wooden crates but they, like old milk crates, are darn near impossible to find in good condition and cheap. Alas...
Great idea though1

Unknown said...

Wow looks beautiful! I have seen many industries opt for High Density Pallet Racking Systems, but this can be used like this was new. Thanks