Fall 2010 Decor Report | Part I

(above paint colors via: pantone.)
| Saturated Color |
In case you haven't heard... Pantone declared turquoise as the color of the year. So you'll be seeing a lot of gorgeous blue-green. Other popular hues will include pale green, goldenrod, coral, raspberry, orchid, dusty green, and gray. This year, it's all about the saturated, gutsy, rich shades of the rainbow.

(above image via: here.)
| Quilts |
Quilts are making a comeback and they've never been prettier. There are so many fabulous choices out there: colorful quilts, floral quilts, vintage-inspired quilts... there's got to be one for you. Plus, they're utterly comfy.

(above image via: here.)
| B & W |
Black and white is still in. Why? Because it's classic, versatile, and the closest you'll come to no-fail color scheme. Another great thing about B&W is that you'll probably keep black or white furniture forever. It'll easily integrate into a new space. And it will always match our changing taste in colors and decor. So for us college students, a healthy dose of these two hues is essential.

(above image via: here.)
| Say No to the Doe |
Take down the taxidermy. Deer-heads (faux and not-so-faux) have been everywhere this past year. And for a while, it was kinda endearing (sorry! heh...couldn't resist!). But this fall, resist the urge to hang an antlered creature's head on your wall. It'll spare you the Bambi nightmares. Although, your bf might be disappointed that you no longer encourage his hunting expeditions.

(above image via: here.)
| Layered Rugs |
Forget just one big area rug. Instead, opt for several rugs in different colors and textures. Layer them upon your floor. Since dorm floors are typically cold, hard tile... this is a fantastic trend to take advantage of. Your floor will be the softest, comfiest place to crash in the building.

(above image via: here.)
| Old is New |
With the growing green initiative, re-use and re-purposing is growing in popularity, too. Consignment and thrift stores, antique shops, garage sales, and your parents' attic are the go-to places for fabulous furniture finds. What treasures should you seek out most? Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, French Provincial, and Vintage Industrial. Don't turn your nose up at something just because it needs a little TLC. All that chair may need is a fresh coat of paint.


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