Friendly Reminder: Share Your Space!

(image via: here.)

Dear dorm-dwellers and apartment-renters,

The school year is over and the summer fun has just begun! As you look back on all the photos you took during the 09-10 academic year, do you have any of your dorm or apartment? If you happen to find some, you should share them with Lovely Undergrad!

If you have a fabulously designed place and want to show it off... post photos of it.

If you have a disaster that needs desperate help with organization, function, furniture arrangement, or overall design... post photos of it so that you can receive valuable advice and inspiration.

If you don't want your photos in the Flickr group, but would like to be featured in a post... send me the pics via email at lovelyundergrad[at]live[dot]com.

And when the end of summer finally comes around, you can submit photos of your new dwelling, too! :)



Anonymous said...

Could I send in pictures of a room that isn't a dorm, but has all the same components?

Unknown said...

Luinae-- Of course! I'd love to see your living space and feature it here at LU. :)