Q: Anonymous commented...
"Do you have any ideas for cheap wall shelve ideas? Everything seems to be so expensive and I'm on a tight budget..."

A: Dear Anonymous,

I hear you. Not only does everything seem to be expensive, but it actually is. There are several reasons why this just doesn't work for college students. 1) Most of us are on tight budgets. I know I am. 2) We don't want to invest a whole lot of money into furniture that will be moved around from dorm to dorm and apartment to apartment and possibly beat up in the process.

I love your question because I need to be considering some affordable, efficient shelving as well. I've been doing my research and have got lots of ideas---some from stores, others on the DIY end of things... and on a variety of different budgets.

So stay tuned for more on affordable, efficient shelving. :)


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