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(above: Mary Kathryn's Animated & Organized - via Apartment Therapy) Gah! Isn't that gorgeous?! Where do I begin? I'm just gonna start listing off the things that I'm ga-ga for in this room: 1) Green and black houndstooth rug---so delightfully bold and visually appealing. 2) Tray-top table at the foot of the bed---perfect for magazines. 3) White walls + bedding---so clean and pretty. 4) Beautiful & colorful headboard and pillow. 5) Mismatched bedside lamps. 6) Nightstand on one side, dresser on the other. 6) Vintage fan. Really, I am crazy for this room.

(above: Liz's SoHo Studio - via Apartment Therapy) I love this idea for dining in a small space. The table is round... so there are no sharp corners to run into when you walk past it. And the adorable chairs can be folded up and stowed away.

(above: Adrienne's Cool Old Victorian - via Apartment Therapy) For me, this is black and white at its best. Clean walls, soft bedding, and breezy curtains... all in white. And then add black details... even if those details are your clothing/shoes. I like the art on the floor propped up against the wall. And most of all I love the minimal nightstand. This looks like such a lovely place to fall asleep and wake up.

(above: Savannah's Complete & Pulled Together - via Apartment Therapy) I love this space! The mix of patterns and textures, the fresh flowers, and the fabulous baby blue chair. But most of all I love the long table that sits over the bed. I'm definitely one of those people who likes to do my homework, blogging, and writing from bed... so this would be ideal.

(above: Jennifer's Breezy Lovely Light - via Apartment Therapy) This room combines two great color schemes: black & white... and orange & green. I love the interesting art. And I'm wild over those green nightstand---aren't they perfect for books and magazines?

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