May 31, 2010

Reading Round-Up | May Edition

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"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language."
~Henry James

May is complete. And that means summertime is in full swing, darlings! But before we make the mad-dash into sultry June, let's look back at some of my favorite posts of May.

DIY Shopping Bag Decor | Just Flew the Coop
It's not uncommon to see Victoria's Secret bags hung on dorm walls as decor, but here's an easy way to take that up a notch and turn old shopping bags into fashionable wall decor.

How to Make a Hollow Book Safe | [BB-Blog]
You know those books that you open up and they have a secret chamber inside? With all the pages cut out? Here's how to make one. ;)

How to Host a Clothes Swapping Party | Charade
Having a clothes swap party is a fun way to spend the night with your girlfriends, get rid of clothes you don't want, and get some new clothes in the process.

Technology + Juice = 7 min Popsicles! | Poppytalk
These look delicious. :)

Gender Stereotypes, Food Inhalers, and Great News! | Stacy Says
On the radio I heard about some gender stereotypes that are supported by science. Things such as: girls can't drive and men are slobs. Read what Stacy has to say.

Playdate Flashback | Glow in the Dark Soul
I loved this post! Elaine features some of my (and probably your) favorite childhood toys and the changes they've undergone in the last decade or so.

5 Natural Bug Repellents for Your Home | Apartment Therapy
I hate bugs. But I'm not a fan of chemicals. Here are some natural insect repellents that may be of use to you in your living space this summer.

Every Room Tells a Story | More Magic Always
This post features lovely decor and Luinae imagines the story behind each room. It's really a beautiful, inspiring, creative post.



  1. Awwww, thank you! My head is going to get huge if all that flattery goes to it! I'm a huge Charade fan, good choice on their links.



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