Desk Space Inspiration I

Nostalgic + Natural

Cheery + Rustic

Crafty + Candid

Organized + Inspired
(you can count on me)

Lighthearted + Creative

Spunky + Vintage

Vivid + Friendly

Simple + Eclectic

Chic + Quiet

Pretty + Charming
(sew liberated)

Minimal + Refreshed

We do so much at our desks. Study, paint, scrapbook, doodle, craft, write, research... the list can go on and on. I love to see the variety of uses, desktop accessories, and creative storage solutions. During the academic year, my dorm desk is the center of my studies. It's laden with textbooks, note cards, and to-do lists. But during the summer, my desk at home becomes my creative space. I surround it with photos, artwork, quotes, and poems that inspire me to do my writing and make my art. So I guess you could say my desk has a duel personality... and I think it prefers the creative part of the year most. ;)

What about your desk? What's on it? What do you think it reveals about you? And does it frequently change to suit your needs or remain the same throughout most of the year?


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of this! Sometimes, I think my desk gets more use then my bed.........