Dresser Top Inspiration

Orderly + Minimal

Vibrant + Playful

Rich + Whimsical

Cute + Tidy

Vintage + Pretty

Random + Nostalgic

Pale + Feminine
(flowers & machinery)

Rustic + Romantic

Candid + Lighthearted
(broken press)

Retro + Masculine
(broken press)

There's just something about dresser tops that makes me love to browse through photos of peoples' bedrooms on Flickr. I think it may be because dressers are such personal pieces of furniture. They stow away what we wear... and a person's attire can say a lot about their personality. I believe the dresser top (what's on it, what's arranged, etc.) also can divulge details about a person. I wonder what my dresser top says about me...

What does yours say about you? :)



Anonymous said...

My favourites are the vintage+pretty and the rich+whimsical.

CollegiateDown said...

Mine says I don't have the time organize and there's no theme to it. I just use whatever knick knacks I've saved over the year.

I really like the candid one and the random, and the rich one.