Weekend... over... already?!

Hello lovely undergrads,

I can't believe this weekend is over (...even though I say that at the end of every weekend). This past week was especially loooonng and slow. And, of course, this weekend was especially fast. Friday was date night: my love and I checked out the newest Mexican restaurant and town (yum!), watched "Daybreakers" (gross!), went for a drive, and relaxed the rest of the night. I spent Saturday at a family reunion. There was so much great food and so many great people to catch up with. Saturday evening was girls' nite. A girlfriend and I hit up a local coffee shop, killed time at Wal-Mart (what can I say? I live in a Midwestern small town...), and watched "New Moon" while drooling over Jacob the werewolf. When I took her home, I had some vehicle troubles. My SUV started out in four-wheel drive "low" for some reason. And I couldn't get it to shift out. I resorted to hitting the hell outta the buttons with a high heel I found in my backseat. Didn't work. (Shocker, right?) Luckily, I have a car-savvy bf who was sweet enough to come over today and fix it.

Oh, and this evening: I finally got around to watching "The Young Victoria." I absolutely loved it. Emily Blunt is gorgeous and so very talented. The set and costumes were achingly gorgeous. And the music! Plus, it was a beautiful love story. It was a splendid film that I might have to watch once more before returning it.

'Twas a weekend full of food and movies. I enjoyed it immensely. ;)

But... back to the week ahead: work, homework, rehearsals.

Wish you all a great Monday!


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a girl with a smile said...

Young Victoria was indeed a very good movie!