Back-to-College Giveaway

It's July! Summer is at its glorious, sultry peak and while you may be content with lounging around the pool and soaking up sun... it's time to start thinking about your living space come fall. Believe it or not, school is just around the corner. And you'll be smart to start preparing and shopping now for everything you need and want.

I'm beyond excited to announce that Lovely Undergrad is hosting a first-ever giveaway! LU has teamed up with CSN Stores to give one lucky reader a $20 gift certificate to spend in any of the 200+ online CSN Stores.

If you win the $20 gift certificate, what would you put it toward?

A pink alarm clock to make sure
you get to class on time?

A metallic turquoise desk lamp
to light up your study zone?

Some artsy dinnerware so
that you can eat in style?

Some darling bedding to to
enhance your beauty sleep?

CSN Stores offer everything from futons and tv stands... to rugs and room dividers... to wall art and wall sconces. You're sure to find whatever you need for your dorm or apartment... and at a decent price!

This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only. (Sorry, international readers!)

This giveaway is open from today until the end of July. Comments received after 11:59 on July 31 will not be counted. On August 1, a winner will be randomly selected and contacted to receive the gift certificate.

To enter, visit the CSN Stores and leave me a comment telling what you'd spend $20 on. Be sure to include your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win. ;)



Anonymous said...

I would totally put it towards a pink alarm clock!

Anonymous said...

I'd spend $20 on this: http://www.csnstores.com/Blender-Express-in-White-BTB1005.html

Sure, it's not the cutest thing around. But for a girl who loves to have a smoothie for breakfast, this mini-blender would be AWESOME. I can already imagine the possibilities. Smoothies, milkshakes, pesto, blended iced tea, mmm....


MaybeThisDoor said...

I would definately want a Emile Henry 'Bake for the Cause' 9" Pink Pie Dish - 696131.


samforshort said...

I would love to get either the Hamilton Beach 6 cup food processor or an 18 piece Pyrex storage set (http://www.cookware.com/Hamilton-Beach-70450-HMB1154.html and http://www.cookware.com/Pyrex-1072164-REX1009.html)

I have all these recipes I want to try, but a food processor is the key to making them easier. I'm also a Pyrex fan and would love to switch from plastic to glass storage.


Carolyn said...

I've been dying for a nice skillet a lá http://www.cookware.com/Paula-Deen-19607-EEN1104.html

Ooooor put it toward these puppies if I'm feeling, ya know, really practical. http://www.shoesgotsole.com/Me-Too-FOXY-BLKNAP-MET1169.html

Carolyn said...
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samforshort said...

I would go with a Hamilton Beach 6 cup food processor.

There are so many recipes I have to try, but I can't because I don't have a processor. Things like hummus, black bean burgers, and simply making things a little easier when it comes to cooking. My mom LOVES her's and I fell in love with it too while home last weekend.

*crosses fingers* sam8713(at)gmail(dot)com

Katrina said...

I would use it on a step 2 waterwheel table for my daughter for her birthday

ykatrina at hotmail dot com

CollegiateDown said...

I'm going to go with those dishes. Mix-matched dinner ware is kind of a pet peeve of mine, plus I'd definitely know which dishes are mine.


Xixi said...

It's definitely a toss up between the alarm clock and the plates. I seriously cannot decide. Maybe the plates. I hope I win!


DH said...

I would use it to buy picture frames! I have so many pictures that keep stockpiling up, and I never seem to be able to sit down and do something about it!


tuavao said...

I would use it towards a very cute yet stylish "Luxe Blue/Multi Contemporary Rug". I love it and I know it will definitely add some color into my apartment!! (: (:

tuavao@gmail.com (:

Anonymous said...

If I won the giveaway I would buy some cool art for my room to express my cool personality. I'm a sophomore and this year is important to me. My email address is kandice.farmer@live.longwood.edu
hope i win!

ForfeitReality said...

Considering my old clock just crashed to the floor and broke, I'd like a replacement, like this retro turquoise one: http://www.csnclocks.com/Ashton-Sutton-TY9118216TQ-ASH1150.html :)
forfeit.reality (at) gmail

Anonymous said...

I really need an alarm clock, and I would get the "Maples Clock Desktop Double Bell Alarm Clock with 4" Dial in Black - Q817B" and spray paint it a light blue - inspiration from the blue typewriters in your posts :)
Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I love you blog - I've been reading it all summer!
-Robin Gallant

my e-mail: robin_gallant@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

I need a nice mirror for the area next to my door, and the Wilton Three Way Wall Mirror would be perfect. The wood matches my furniture perfectly, and the shelf would be very helpful to put my keys on so I can find them at any time. I would definitely use $20 to help buy it!

Link: http://www.csnstores.com/Elite-Home-Fashions-6353-EHF1019.html

Email: margaret.r.borders@gmail.com

Jonnie (JB) said...

I would get the Calphalon 4 Piece Nylon Utensil Set


Anonymous said...

If I had $20 to spend at CSN Stores, I would buy the Krups Fast Touch Coffee Grinder in Black! I have an 8:30am physics class starting in the fall, and I'll need all the help I can get to stay awake! Plus, this one has great reviews and looks fantastic.

email: poppyaddison@gmail.com

Alexandra said...

I would put my $20 towards a nice, cushy shag rug.


Anonymous said...

I just finished my first year of college and I learned a lot from living in a dorm! I made the mistake of buying a really small storage unit to use as a pantry. If I won the $20 I would put it towards a much bigger storage unit!


Jill Smith said...

This is such a cute clock for a little girls' room or a form room! I want it! Rhythm Study Melody Clock in Pink - CMG739NR13
Pudyqat2 {at} aol.com

cheekymonkey said...

I'd definitely get some new bedding!! I can't wait to move from a teeny twin XL back to a lovely full sized bed!
cmgiang (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I would love to get some super cute accessories for my bare apartment!


Meredith said...

loving the lamp and the clock! both are very 'me'. love!

Anonymous said...

I need a nice rug for my dorm!



Vanessa said...

I don't even have to visit the store to tell you that the turquoise table lamp is EXACTLY what I need for this semester!

I just moved from a very small studio (which I shared with my boyfriend, if you can even imagine), into a one-bedroom, with a sweet little closet that works as my desk space. I'm very excited about the new space, and having more room, and privacy for doing my school work. I'm decorating the bedroom in white, yellow, and turquoise, and that lamp would be the PERFECT addition to my new space!

Thanks for the chance to win!



caricakes said...

I know I need a tea kettle! Every day I start my morning with tea, and the thought of having to walk to the student center to get some isn't fun. I love the stainless steel Chef's Choice one--I need this more than an alarm clock! I can wake up just fine, but I'm not really awake until I have that mug of tea.

Thanks for giving me a shot to make those 8 am classes my first year at college!!!


caricakes (at)gmaildotcom

wickedwich said...

I need to organize my life and get motivated to study harder, be happier and change my life. Getting healthier, decluttering my room and feeling more confident are my main goals, so I am loving this contest to jump start my goals!

I would get a nice Jewelry Box to clear my dresser! http://www.everyjewelrybox.com/Mele-66162-RV1301.html

Dumbells for some daily workouts http://www.fitnessequipmentandmore.com/Body-Solid-BSTVD4-BSO1225.html

a Fitness Kit

Or Gold flats for Back to School http://www.shoesgotsole.com/AfterSoles-YD004-Gold-XSL1001.html

Thanks a lot, this has got me really excited for fall!


Brittany said...

I might sound dorky but I would probably get a new backpack. I've had the same one since 2nd grade and being its my senior year of college I should probably invest in a new one, especially since I will be student teaching. :)

a girl with a smile said...

I would buy this: http://www.csnstores.com/Crypton-WEG-042Pillow-CRN1124.html?IsReturn=1

I don't spend a lot on decorative pillows, and it's time I should!

tooky said...

I don't really need it, but I want this cute dish. http://www.cookware.com/Le-Creuset-PG5100-1167-LEC1305.html