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Boys Lie: How Not to Get Played | Book Review

Okay, ladies. Here are 17 lies that boys have been known to tell girls:

#1: "Sex is only penis and vagina."

#2: "Guys are built to cheat."

#3: "You're a slut if you've had sex with a lot of guys."

#4: "You can hook up with a friend without having feelings involved."

#5: "If you can't have an orgasm with me, there's something wrong with you."

#6: "If you're attracted to a girl, you're a lesbian."

#7: "I'll pull out before I come."

#8: "I can't wear a condom so you need to use birth control."

#9: "That bump has always been there."

#10: "I could be with someone hotter, but I chose you."

#11: "You shouldn't feel that way; you're crazy."

#12: "We should keep this between us."

#13: "Don't worry, I won't show anyone these pictures."

#14: "Have a drink or some weed; it'll make you feel better."

#15: "It wasn't rape--you seemed into it."

#16: "You need someone to keep you in line."

#17: "I'll love you forever."

Now let's play a game, shall we? Count how many of those lies you've been told by boys and leave the number in a comment. You don't have to disclose which lies or tell which numbers, just your total number.

I'll go first.

I've been told 12 out of the 17. And most of them were fed to me by one ex-boyfriend in particular. And even though I haven't personally been told 5 of those lies... I have friends who have been told such fibs.

So how many pretty little lies have you been told?

The reason I'm asking is because I recently came into a copy of Boys Lie: How Not to Get Played by Belisa Vranich and Holly Eagleson. This girls' guide to wising up on guys gives you the truth behind the lies, let's you know that you're not the only one going through such an experience, and gives you the know-how and confidence to conquer those lies. From hook-ups, friends-with-benefits, cheaters, and naughty photos to more serious offenses like rape and physical/emotional abuse.

Let's talk about one of my favorite lies... #2: "Guys are built to cheat." My ex-bf was a chronic cheater. :/ And while it took me a while to realize that infidelity is simply unacceptable, and then took me a while longer to actually get over him (because of that stupid Lie #17)... being cheated on sooo many times had an affect on me. Oh, and to top it off: I got told #11 every time I was suspicious of being cheated on. I will never accept being cheated on again. I only wish I'd had this book to get me through some of those other falsehoods.

Here's what Boys Lie has to say about Lie #2:
(The excerpt below is directly from Boys Lie: How Not to Get Played by Belisa Vranich and Holly Eagleson.)

Other Ways He MIGHT Say It
"Men are not supposed to be monogamous, but women are."
"Men are ruled by their sex drives."
"Dudes have urges they can't control."
"Boys will be boys--you have to accept that they'll cheat."

We love the logic behind this one. It assumes that men have all the self-restraint of an unleashed puppy at a squirrel park. Though they may not want to be treated like animals, when guys use the "I don't control it, it controls me" excuse to write off their bad behavior, they're the ones putting themselves in the doghouse.

Don't jump to conclusions though. This book isn't about hating on boys and it does not suggest that every boy tells these kinds of lies. The hands-down best part of this book is that after reading it you'll be able to distinguish the good guys from the bad. Because not all boys tell lies, not all boys cheat, not all boys play you. There are good guys out there. You just have to be smart, have confidence, know your self worth, and be able to pick out a bad apple and toss him aside.

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Alycia said…
Wow... I count 15. Reading that list was sort of like getting run over by a bus. Needless to say, I have been out with a LOT of jerks.
Annika said…
Hmmm. I've only heard one of those, and it wasn't a lie. (I've also heard #4, but not at/about me.)
Anonymous said…
11 out of 17.

Out of hand. It took a lot of heartbreak to learn those were lies.

Thanks for the review. I am a teen librarian looking to select this for my girls. Glad to know they will hopefully not have to go through any of the same crap I had to with some solid advice.


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