Design Inspiration from Lucy and Company

Lucy and Company is an interior design firm based in Charlotte, NC that specializes in kids' rooms but also extends out into other rooms of the home. I find Lucy and Company's design taste, color choices, and furniture selection to be incredibly inspiring. I love the workspace above because of the big desk and how organized all the crayons, pencils, etc. are. I also am smitten with the fabulous lamps.

There are two things I love in this photo. 1: The chair is just absolutely pretty. 2: I love that the pictures are on the floor, propped up against the wall. It's such an unexpected but great way to display artwork.

I'm a sucker for old books. I have soooo many interesting antique tomes that I've collected over the years from bookstores and antique shops. I may borrow the idea from this photo and lay a couple on a side table. It's such a sweet vintage touch.

Those turquoise curtains are possibly the most gorgeous curtains I've ever seen in my life. I'm near fainting right now. And the chair, the pillow, the table, the lamp... it's all so utterly perfect!

I saved my favorite bit of inspiration for last. I'm enamored with the corkboard framed in an elaborate frame. It adds such a glamorous touch to an otherwise boring bulletin board.

To see and be inspired by more design by Lucy and Company, head to their website here.



Brittany M. said...

Wow, I love all of this so much! The colors and design in general in every single picture are fantastic. (And I'm with you on those curtains--they're awesome!)

Anonymous said...

Those curtains are exactly what I have been looking for! I agree all the details are perfect in every photo. Great post!

Walter Fennigan said...

I agree with the comments. The walls and the whole design are perfect to make this room a best place to stay in. The colors are so lovely and very compelling. I'd love to stay in a room that looks like this one.

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George Schneider said...

The people who constructed this room really paid too much attention to details. The walls are installed very well along with those great looking curtains. I wish I had a room that's built just like this.

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Emily said...

I love those chairs too. They are indeed very pretty. I would love to have a room that looks like this one. I love how these colors complement with each other. Do you have any exterior design ideas? I hope to see some blog posts about them. I look forward to seeing more of your house designs and concepts.


Billy said...

I am inspired with the ability of Lucy to combine different colors and furniture to make the entire house and place beautiful as heaven. I would love to be in a room that's fully furnished and design ed with great attitude. I look forward to seeing more great designs and ideas. unbrako