A+ in Swedish Glam

Design Tip #1: Embrace White, Make Statements with Color
Who knew white could look so colorful? The Swedish have always known this well-kept secret. White floors, white walls, white ceiling, white furniture, white cabinets, white electronics... and a plethora of bold and beautiful splashes of colors like electric blue, hot raspberry, and cool turquoise.

Design Tip #2: Mix the Shabby with the Chic
Smooth, sleek white floors and cabinetry paired with a rustic cream table make for an interesting and appealing contrast. And ghost chairs! Oh my, I'm a sucker for ghost chairs. They blend into any decor scheme with effortless, elegant translucence.

Design Tip #3: Get Your Eclectic On
The Swedish show no fear when mixing and matching textiles and patterns. Take a moment to take in all of the different textures in the above photo: the floor, the white screen, the antiqued table, the various fabrics, the worn wardrobe, the wallpaper, the pillows. If you like it, find a way to work it in. This decorator was bold enough to mix the shabby chic with Indian influences. Genius.

Design Tip #3: Embrace Femininity
The thought of Swedish decor can often conjure up thoughts of starkness, white, and masculinity. But you can still enjoy being a girl! Throw in some pink, some lace, something ornate like an elaborate mirror... and you'll have some romantic Swedish style without being too frou-frou.

Design Tip #4: Creatively Make Do
Don't have the money to afford that perfect side table just yet? Or just haven't come across the right one? Take a cue from the above photo. Stack some great coffee-table books for a makeshift lamp stand. Creative impromptu can be oh-so-pretty.

Hope you enjoyed the tips on how to decorate like a glamorous Swede!

I found this apartment via one of my favorite blogs House of Turquoise... who found these lovely photos via Ada and Darcy and Avolli. Check 'em out for more inspiration.



These pictures are gorgeous! I am all about your first tip - embrace white, make statements with colour. I am in a rental now, but as soon as I buy my own place, the walls will for sure all be white. I'm not sure if I would be brave enough to paint the floors white though...