Simply Yvonne's Sweet Modern Space

Yvonne embraces lots of white in her bedroom. A touch of color is thrown in on the white, patterned Ikea duvet. On her nightstand, she keeps a pretty flower and cherished photograph.

In the corner of her bedroom, there's a chic chair that serves as the perfect place to curl up with a good book and cup of coffee or strap on a pair of cute heels for the day ahead.

I'm smitten with this mirror and the little tray that serves as its base.

A modern black dresser looks sleek in the room. And a big mirror propped up against the wall reflects light and gives an illusion of more space.

Yvonne is a graphic designer who loves fashion design, interior design, web design, and graphic design. For more photos of Yvonne's apartment, click here. (All photos in this post are from here.)

And to check out her gorgeous, gorgeous blog entitled Simply Yvonne, click here.


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simplyvonne said...

aw thanks for featuring my townhouse! :)