Typewriter Craze

Timeless. Nostalgic. Romantic. Eclectic. Classic. Fun. Studious. Antique. Whimsical. Colorful. Whatever the make, model, or color... A typewriter can add that little extra something to a room. Here's a photo collection of typewriters incorporated into home decor.

Photo from a house tour featured in Country Living.

"Making An Entrance" post at Porch Light Interiors blog.
"Vintage Friday: Typewriter Part II" post at Luphia blog.

Flickr: hellobluebrown's photo displaying miscellaneous antiques.
Flickr: rachelluttrell's photo of a no-fuss workspace.
Flickr: Elly Zee's photo of Earnest Hemingway's study.
Flickr: Greater Yesterday's photo of her bedroom dresser.
"Vintage Friday: Typewriter Part II" post at Luphia blog.

"Vintage Friday: Typewriter Part II" post at Luphia blog.
"Girls Day" post at ShopTalk blog.
I collect vintage typewriters, btw. (Three now to date.) I'd love to find a way to incorporate one of them into my apartment decor this fall, but space will be limited so I may have to leave them behind.



ladytacones said...

Wow!!! I just discovered your blog, and I fell in love with it!

You have from now on a new Spanish follower!!!
Have a nice weekend!

meli.mtzesca said...

I have one too, it belonged to my mom when she was young (in the early 60's)

MaybeThisDoor said...

I have mine (a beautiful green one, with case)dispayed on top of my kitchen cabinets with some other eclectic finds.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Loving these. We are doing my daughter's nursery with a literary/typewriter theme and these are helping me get inspired.

Karen Moon said...

I love typewriters.