August is Back-to-School Month!!

It's August! Here at the blog, August is the month for getting ready to go back to school. Spend a few more long, indulgent days at the pool... but be prepared to wrap-up your summer. All that thinking about packing, shopping, and moving? Well forget about it. It's time to put all the plans into action.

What does August have in store for Lovely Undergrad?

Checklists... and lots of 'em. Whether you're preparing for dorm dwelling or apartment life, have your printer all inked up and ready to print some helpful lists out. From handy items to splurges. And, of course, those easy-to-forget items that you can't live without. I've got you covered.

Tips & tricks of all sorts. Unsure where to begin when it comes to packing? Can't decide what to leave at home and what you absolutely cannot part with? Clueless about the whole move-in process? Slightly terrified about going off on your own into the "college life"? Don't sweat. Just check in with LU daily.

Inspiration. It's now more than ever that you soon-to-be college students need creative inspiration in the realms of fashion, style, beauty and, of course, decor! I'll also round-up some of the most popular and pretty spaces that have been featured on the blog.

And more!

August will fly by, ladies. And then then it'll be September. Next month we'll all have to be in a much different mindset---one of studious motivation and awe-inspiring adaptation to homework and classes after a summer of soaking up the sun and reading Cosmo.

*Sigh* Going back to school is always so bitter-sweet. ;)



Frannie said...

This month will be so exciting!!!

Sadly I haven't even gone home yet, oh summer school!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for a couple of weeks now and I enjoy reading all of your blog posts! From reading your older blog posts, I know you lived in a dorm. I have a rather simple question: what did you use as a pantry/storage for your food? I opted out of buying a meal plan my freshman year and thus had to go grocery shopping every so often. I want a solution that can store my food (cereal, granola bars, etc) and be cute/fashionable at the same time. I also prefer that it be disguised--in other words, I do not want the food to be visible. I've seen students use a bookshelf, those plastic 3-drawer bins, and wire shelving units as pantries. What would you suggest from your own experience and seeing other dorms? lol This sounds like a weird question but I can't find anything that I like! Freshman year I used this teeny shelving cabinet that proved to be ridiculously small! I need something durable, needs to hold a lot, and (preferably) keep the food out of sight.