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If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a sucker for anything Ancient Roman. I'm fascinated by the 1st Century AD Roman Empire and my nerdy self researches that era in my spare time. ;) So one trend I'm super excited about diving into this late summer/early fall will be the Greco-Roman style. I love the elegant draping of fabrics, the one-shoulder dresses, the laurel wreathes, and especially the gladiator sandals!

Here are there fabulous ways to evoke the inner Roman lady in you:

goddess1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Role Models: Channel Ceres, Diana, & Minerva for this earthy, understated nymph look. Color Scheme: Opt for natural hues. Don't be afraid to mix all different shades of neutrals: brown, beige, tan, ivory, white, gray, black. Throw in a woodsy green or creamy nude if you desire a bit of color. Fabrics: Go for linen, cotton, and jersey---think comfort and simplicity. Shoes: Simple, non-fuss gladiator sandals will lend you authentic Roman style. Accessories: Keep an eye out for nature and animal-inspired jewelry like leaves and feathers. Leather and wood-accented jewelry pieces will also fit in well. Fragrance: Select something earthy or woodsy. Think trees, grass, and meadow. If you crave floral, try for wildflowers instead of anything too cultivated. Where to Wear: This look is cool, comfortable, casual, and best of all... versatile. Wear this to class, a study date, or an evening at the local coffee shop.

lovelygoddessFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Role Models: Look to Persephone, Flora, and the Graces to become your own lovely, feminine goddess.
Color Scheme: Pretty pastels and unexpected punches of bright, bold colors. Seafoam green and pale turquoise are ideal pastels. Orange makes a pretty pop. And you can't go wrong with working in a little ivory. Fabrics: Crisp cotton or light jersey---think easy and breezy. Shoes: Search for gladiator sandals with a modern twist. Pretty colors, jewel accents, sweet embroidery, and thin straps are perfect. Accessories: Choose dainty pieces of jewelry that remind you of lace or flowers. Color coordinate the colors of your jewelry to the colors in your clothes. Shy away from anything bulky or masculine. No leather, no studs, no big chain links. Fragrance: Floral floral floral. That is all. Where to Wear: This look is the go-to outfit for a girls' night out, first date with a new guy, or afternoon out on the town browsing stores and shopping.

sirenFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Role Models: Seek inspiration from Venus, Psyche, and all of Jupiter's mistresses to transform into a classy, sexy siren.
Color Scheme: Jewel tones like olive green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, crimson, and emerald... plus rich neutrals like decadent chocolate and charcoal gray. Fabrics: Luxuriate in silk and satin---think seductively. Shoes: Sexed-up, metallic gladiator sandals. Find some with heels, lots of thin straps, or straps that go all the way up to the knee like a boot. These'll make a jaw-dropping statement. Accessories: Pick extravagant-looking pieces. Don't shy away from costume jewelry. Big, vibrant-hued gemstones. Ornate gold filigree. Peacock feathers. And heavy metal. Fragrance: Choose spicy orientals to be mysterious. Or vanilla to be irresistible. Where to Wear: A romantic evening with your man, a solo night out on the town when you wanna catch the eye of every guy, a glamorous Sex-and-the-City-style evening with your best girlfriends at an expensive restaurant.

I have a super cute purple one-shoulder dress, pair of metallic silver gladiator sandals, and laurel wreath-inspired hairband that I may just wear to my first day of classes. ;) If I had it my way, everyday would be a toga party!

What do you think of the Greco-Roman trend?



CollegiateDown said...

This isn't about fashion, but have you ever read I, Claudius by Robert Graves? If you haven't, you should. It takes place in exactly the time period you mentioned. It is insane, but there are some who question the credibility.


wickedwich said...

I love it, I think the style suits every body type. It's elegant and feminine and can be casual or fancy! I had a maxi dress for prom and made it Greeky by adding a sash, it went from drab to..well FAB! :P